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Pray for Brescia
As we look forward to a brand new season with 11 new players, the ground back under our ownership, good things happening on and off the pitch let's take a moment to think of Italian club Brescia who are about to be bought by the fruitcake cellino.

I don't know what Brescia have done to deserve this but today they and their supporters are about to enter the darkness and despair known only too well to us. So, if you can, spare a moment today to offer a little prayer for the poor people and club of Brescia

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Two great interviews with Radrizzani




Confirmation too of what has been said many times by others.  He could only buy the other 50% if we didn't go up!
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Once Bitten ----
I hope some trustworthy sane source can answer my gnawing doubts.
Based on our experiences with pond life and psychopaths anything out of the ordinary makes me apprehensive.
This being so: Just what is this macro -project with us, Qatar and some non entity Spanish team?
There is a lot of thought and money being invested. I really haven't a clue why. Is this super smart or another cockamamie bull shit circumventing and pocket lining episode?
I have an open mind but I remember our escapades in the BVI and the dark alleys of the Bahraini Souk. The memories are traumatic.
Just what is going on?
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Roughest grounds
Dont think Ive seen a thread on this before so lets have some stories of roughest/scariest shitholes watching Leeds

Mine by a long way was Ayresome Park BITD

Always thought up there for Leeds was like ER for scum when they came here - everyone was out looking for Leeds fans up at Boro

The walk from coaches down the road by cemetery and then down side of ground into the old corner - scary

No one showing colours and that was in days when everyone did -70/80's

100's of em waiting right outside as we came out, every man for himself, had a few smacks there as a youngster

Was along time before Leeds got comfortable ( questionable tbh) at Ayersome - Riverside cant compare to what that place was like
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Cultural Leonesa
According to Alan Nixon from the Sun, we are going to be forming a partnership with Cultural Leonesa in the coming seasons. This would involve us poaching them for their best young talents (and potentially sending out some of ours on loan to allow them to gain invaluable experience).
Cultural Leonesa are currently a Liga 1|2|3 side (Spanish second division) having won their league last season. They went on to beat Barca B and Lorca in their Championship play-off matches. 

Interestingly enough they are owned by Aspire Academy which current Leeds director Ivan Bravo is the director general for.

The following article is all about how Aspire have converted Leonesa into a "training club" for Aspire's players. This approach has obviously worked for them as this is the first time they have been in the second Spanish division since the 1974/75 season. 

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