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Found 88 results

  1. A few of you said a QT thread would be a good idea so here it is. Host Location - Newcastle Panelists - David Willetts (Tory), Liz Kendall (Labour), Simon Hughes (Lib Dem), Jill Kirby (Centre for Policy Studies) and Mark Steel (Socialist) Started a bit late this You can watch online here - http://tvcatchup.com/watch.html?c=1#1
  2. Right guys, we’ve all been there. We all have what we see as a strange pleasure – something different from your usual taste, different from what you normally look for in an attractive woman, not what society believes you should find alluring - 'unconventional' I suppose! Everybody will have differing opinions and tastes (depends on many things including an individuals age) but that is the point! It'd be interesting to know why you find that person attractive as well, although it might be the case where you just can't put a finger on why. I was watching Only Connect last night and I started thinking about how I find Victoria Coren rather alluring. Not sure why – was discussing this with our lass and she thinks it’s because she would shout at me. I suppose she's curvy and has a substantial rack as well but I usually like redheads and brunettes and not that fussed about big tits for instance. Who do you find attractive in an unconventional way? Sometimes you can't explain why?
  3. Timmy Mump

    Watches thread.

    Recently been looking into investing in a nice watch and from memory there are a few watch experts on here so I thought I'd come to waccoe for some recommendations. Just want something pretty classic, nice looking that keeps time well. Had a look at a few of the Tag Heur formula 1 watches yesterday and think theyre pretty slick but any advice/recommendations would be welcome.
  4. A welcome return to football as the Waccoe.com tournament kicks off tonight with all teams in Group A and Group B in action Prize Money: Winner: £30 cash plus £31 to spend at the Waccoe online store https://www.theretrohut.com/collections/waccoe?ref=waccoe Runner Up: £20 cash plus £20 to spend at the Waccoe online store https://www.theretrohut.com/collections/waccoe?ref=waccoe 3rd Place: A nine pack of luxury toilet rolls - my thanks to @ballboy for this suggestion. As the inevitable extension to the postponement of real footy has been announced today then likewise I have extended the Waccoe tournament to eight groups of eight teams so that everyone will play seven group games over the coming weeks. All games will be determined by an online Random number generator for goals for and goals against. The top four in each group will qualify for the second stage with three points for a win and one point for a draw. Group A Group B Group C Group D Group E Group F Group G Group H allstars Billy Jo Youthoftoday whitenotred aardwhite Gorny Yeboahs Volley bobbybrandy Mase 1966 Marchin’ Already maz Evs chippywhite whistlestop YRA2003 Leedslesley Goulash Carsy-Ulster-White leesalfordwhite GelderdEnder MickMc BetterCallSaul LUFCinSurrey Torn and Frayed Jordanb Chrislufc87 Pablo 72 Hooter LSOG Blackfoot siwhite ID RADEBE LEEDS Ray Von geejay Mr Sifter jhonnyb hickory i8mufc Barney McGee Revie-is-King bullybeef strachan7 hatful of Hollow SalfordWhite cozmoz888 Paulie Walnuts Dark Oasis SuperSuperLeeds GomersalWhite drongo stokewhites Cholmondley Warner Cotambear Lufc of Hong Kong Derry White Ballywhites House Brit-Nelson ballboy smiffy1994 CornwallWhite1 stan63 Manc_White Tribune Bologne My apologies to a few who put their names down after we had reached the 64 team limit. Games tonight; Group A @allstars v @mase1966 @Goulash v @Jordanb @Ray Von v @bullybeef @GomersalWhite v @House Group B @Billy jo v @Marchin' Already @Carsy-Ulster-White v @Chrislufc87 @geejay v @strachan7 @drongo v @Brit-Nelson Good luck everyone
  5. Preseason starts tomorrow, so no doubt, so will our injury list. Roberts didn't play for Wales so presume Roberts is ruined? Alioski was in doing rehab when they broke up so presume he must be close to fitness by now? Anybody else?
  6. I had a search but noticed there isn’t a Thread dedicated to Android chat. I just got my new OnePlus 3 on Wednesday. I’ve had a lot of Android phones in the past (and a couple of iPhones), it early days but I think this is the best phone I’ve ever had. The Dash charging is great, this morning I charged from ~20% up to 90% in about 40 minutes! I’ve spent the first couple of days customising the look of it, for anyone who’s interested this is how I’ve got it looking: Launcher: Nova Wallpaper: Stock OnePlus 3 Clock & Weather Widget: Fox for Zooper I’ve custom built the Clock and Weather Widgets, I’ve separated them out so I could customise what they do when I click on each part. When I click on the: Date it takes me to the Calendar, Time it takes me to the Clock, Weather it takes me to the BBC Weather App. Next things going to be downloading Icon Packs and customising those. Anyone else got one of these?
  7. Scottish White

    Snow Watch

    It's snowwwinnnnnggggg
  8. It’s going to be a looong spring/summer without football. Rules is one game per day: https://www.skysports.com/football/leeds-vs-exeter/teams/105538 Watched from my ST spot in N9. For some reason I can’t quite remember the goals in this game, without watching it back. Possibly a Beckford header at the back post for the winner (Gelderd end). I do remember it was a sunny day and Exeter brought a decent following (cheese wedge plus part of the South Stand) and they went mental and a few invaded pitch(?) when they scored.
  9. Bus to Holt Park

    Snooker Thread

    Has anyone been following the masters? Im loving it this year. Hope Ronnie beats that twat Ebdon tonight...
  10. Waccoe.com are delighted to announce that we have linked up with RETROHUT and there is a dedicated page selling Leeds merchandise on their web site. There is now a Waccoe Shop tab at the top of the site page under Bielsa's watchful eyes or you can visit using this link - https://bit.ly/waccoeretrohutshop Waccoe.com will receive a % of all sales driven through either of these routes which will be reinvested in the running costs, prizes and a quarterly charitable donation. To launch the Waccoe shop we are running a Last Man Standing competition and the winner will receive £25 to spend online or £30 if won by a contributor. Simply state on this thread whether it will be a Forest win, Leeds win or draw and all those correct will go into round two. Good luck
  11. Milfhunter

    Post a pic of your local pub

    Penny Hill, Lucan. Pints around a fiver.
  12. Win two tickets side by side for the home games v Fulham and Luton on 18 and 21 March respectively Indicate on the thread if you would like to be in draw and if you want to be in draw for both games or just one - please name which one. Fulham tickets will be drawn on Monday night as tickets go on sale on Tuesday and the same will apply for Luton game when ticket sale date is known. Contributors will go in the hat twice.
  13. Guest

    Mens Fashion

    Where do you buy your clothes online?
  14. Skip

    Tennis Thread

    Nobody started one yet as far as I see? Nadal and Djokovic going at it in the French Open quarters now. Djokovic took first set 7-5. Some brilliant tennis being played.
  15. OK. So after much faffing around we've finally made the move. New software to run the board (the very latest IPB4.1) and new servers (the fantastic UK Servers - goodby Vostron, its been fab...). You'll probably want to take a while to explore the new site. Actually you wont as its pretty much the same as the old one for the time being. Just a bit more...modern. Member profile pages are mildly better. Modding tools are more powerful, to help us keep goons at bay. But its just the start. The current board "look" is default. And a bit ugly. We'll be swapping that shortly for something a lot more beautiful. So don't complain about how it looks. It wont look like this soon There will be a new Waccoe "front page" featuring some of the best content from the Board. An all new online contributions system to make helping contribute to running costs a whole lot easier. A "gallery" featuring the best images from the board (and - hopefully - some spectacular iconic images from a very special source. Probably loads of other stuff - we haven't got below the hood yet. We hope you enjoy it as much as the last board Edit: oh yeah. Forgot the glitch bit. The board itself is rebuilding its database at the moment post migration. So some stuff may not work quite perfectly just yet. Some image uploads may be missing and older posts may not all be findable for a while. Profiles may look a bit odd and some people may not yet have all the likes that they thought they had (they'll come back) DNS servers may not point to the correct location for Waccoe for a few hours. When you you quote posts it may not work as expected for a few days - again because of database reindexing issues. And tell your mates who think they are locked out after the big switch back on (for non-contributors) around 9:30am that login details have changed. You now need to use your display name to log on. Your password remains the same. Think thats about it. Edit: oh yeah we're still testing bandwidth and server load and if any issues will be able to fix quickly. If you get my page loading issues or whatever, do post to this thread or in ask admin
  16. As if our Centenary prize draw wasn't fabulous enough we now turn to our Christmas prize draw with prizes worth over £350 Draw to be made at Elland Road before the Preston game on Boxing day Simply indicate on this thread your desire to be in the draw and contributors will go in the hat twice. 1st Prize: Centenary Dream Scene print 2nd Prize: Leeds United Official Centenary Book 3rd Prize: LUFC v Bristol Rovers - Promotion day print 4th Prize: Two tickets - Leeds United v Sheffield Wednesday - 11 January 2020 5th Prize: £30 Club vouchers 6th Prize: Ups and Downs book - written by a Waccoer 7th Prize: £20 Club vouchers - kindly donated by @GelderdEnder 8th Prize: Cartoon LUFC print - kindly donated by @jsaleeds 9th Prize: £10 Club Voucher 10th Prize: 1919 Centenary mug 11th Prize: Smiley Badge mug Bonus Prize: 100 Years of Leeds United book written by @moscowhite
  17. Tony Yeboah

    Academy / U23s thread

    3-0 down, these seem shit again this season, we got any future cooks( not chefs) coming through or just random foreigners
  18. GoodFella

    NBA Thread

    Anyone watching?
  19. NoLongerInTexas

    Uber/Lyft vs. Taxi Cabs

    Lots of controversy surrounding these new driver apps popping up. Over where I am, cab drivers are notorious for ripping you off by taking the longer routes on purpose, trying to charge you double or even triple for trips, harassing you, and ultimately providing terrible service, it's probably similar to that worldwide. Now with better options popping up and rightfully taking the market share, they're angry. One could make a case that it's illegal to do shuttling services without a license, etc. Where do you all stand on this?
  20. I know a topic similar was done the other day, but whats the worst, most pointless facebook status you've ever seen? The following is a contender... ***** ********* has just ate a sandwich WHY DID I NEED TO KNOW THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. Waccoe.com are delighted to announce our 100 year give away and have put together some fabulous prizes to be won by our members to commemorate our centenary year. The prizes are listed below with more details in subsequent posts. 19 x 1919 mugs Signed and framed 1972 FA cup print by ten of the winning side with COA. 10 x Club shop vouchers worth more than £19.19 each Framed LUFC - Football cartoon history Two hospitality tickets for our 3rd round FA cup game on 4 January 2020 if drawn at home. Signed and framed 1992 print by eleven of the title winning squad with COA Simply indicate that you would like to be in the draw on this thread and contributors will go into the hat twice. Waccoe.com will draw the mug and club shop vouchers on a daily basis so the quicker you enter the sooner you have a chance to win a prize. The grand draw will take place at some point in the near future and will obviously be announced at 7.19pm one evening.
  22. Dan James, Tom Cairney and Che Adams - regardless of division we're in.
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