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Registration Terms

1.1 Waccoe.com is a not for profit website managed by volunteer moderators and administrators in their spare time and without any payment for the benefit of fellow Leeds fans.  These rules are intended to assist the effective management of the board, and ensure that it continues to exist as a valuable resource for all supporters of Leeds United Football Club.  By registering (becoming a “member”) and logging onto www.waccoe.comyou agree to these rules and to any changes or modifications to the rules that may happen in the future.
2.1 Members are required to comply with the following standards in respect of their posts to this forum.  Breaches of these standards may result in suspension or deletion of user accounts, or the imposition of sanctions as detailed at 5.1 below.
2.2 These rules apply to avatars, signatures and member profile pages as well as posts to the forum.
Personal Abuse
2.3  Members may not post material that could be considered abusive, defamatory, degrading or threatening to others.
Deliberate incitement
2.4 Members may not post material the principle purpose of which appears (in the opinion of moderators) to provoke or inflame other members.
Intolerance and discrimination
2.5 Members may not make posts whose principle purpose appears to incite intolerance and discrimination based on race, gender, religion, sexuality or disability (see also 5.6)
2.6 This is an "all age" site, which is often browsed by users on work computers.  The posting of nudity, pornography or other images intended to upset and/or offend, or of links to webpages displaying such material is not allowed.  If you think it might be NSFW do not post it.
Agenda pushing and spamming
2.7 Inappropriately pushy or repetitive posts which in the view of moderators amount to “agenda pushing” are not allowed.  The repeated promotion of specific companies or websites is not allowed.
Posting of Personal Details.
2.8 Waccoe.com respects the rights of members to online privacy and anonymity. We do not allow the posting of information that would lead to the off-line identification of another poster without that poster’s prior consent. This includes names, photographs, and other identifying or contact details. 
2.9 The posting of personal identifiable information (home addresses, telephone numbers, places of employment etc) of individuals, whether members of the Waccoe.com or not, and whether or not that information is readily available "in the public domain", is not permitted, in particular where it appears it has been posted with the intention of inciting or enabling others to engage in activities likely to cause that individual harm or distress.
Posting Personal Messages
2.10 The posting to the Board of Personal Messages (see s3 below) between members without their explicit consent is not allowed.
TV streaming and match highlights 
2.11 The posting of links to sites showing live sport streaming or links to (or clips from) highlights from such channels as LUTV. ITV, ESPN, Sky or any other media are not allowed on this site. 

Copyrighted material

2.12 We do not allow the posting of copyrighted materials, and will take action to promptly remove posts with copyrighted material where the owners of that copyright alert us to its existence.  See 10.2 below.   Users should note in particular that certain designs and wording relating to Leeds United Football Club Limited are legally registered as Trade Marks and this site prohibits their use for commercial gain.   
Criticism of moderation
/mod abuse
2.13 The actions and decisions of the mod/admin team are not open for debate or criticism on the main board.  Abusive behaviour towards moderators is not tolerated.
Posting of forum content externally
2.14 The posting of material from waccoe.com on external websites - e.g. screenshots or transcripts of posts on Twitter or blogs, etc - without express permission of the Admin team is expressly forbidden.  Where it is drawn to our attention, posters responsible may have their accounts suspended.  Where it is carried out with the intention of damaging the Forum or bringing it into disrepute, account suspension will be for an indefinite period.


Promoting of ad-blocking software

2.15 Waccoe.com is a not for profit website managed by Leeds fans on a voluntary basis.  Moderators and Administrators receive no payment for their work.  However, running a site of the size of Waccoe.com can and does incur significant costs.  This is mostly paid for by a limited amount of commercial advertising on the site.  Any mention, promotion or endorsement of ad-blocking software by members directly affects the viability of the site and may result in a permanent ban from the site.

3.1 Members generally have access to a Personal Message (PM) facility on the board to contact other members.  Whilst waccoe.com respects the right to privacy of members, and does not as a matter of policy access the content of personal messages, the use of that messaging facility is governed by the same standards that apply to posts on the main board.  
3.2 Where PMs are brought to the attention of Moderators (through use of the “Report” button, see 4.1 below) which breach Posting Standards, sanctions may be imposed in respect of those PMs against the member responsible.
3.3 The posting of Personal Messages to the Board is not allowed (see 2.12)
4.1 Waccoe.com accepts no responsibility for the contents of the message boards nor any other content on this site that is posted or provided by members or third parties (see 10.1 below).  However, where posts or PMs are brought to the attention of Moderators through use of the “Report” button, they will be considered for compliance with Posting Standards.  
4.2 Where, in the view of Moderators, a post or PM breaches Posting Standards, a post may be locked, edited or removed and – depending on the nature of the breach - sanctions may be imposed on that poster (see 5.1 below).
4.3 Moderation and administration of this board is carried out by volunteer Board members in their spare time.  Whilst reports will be considered at the earliest opportunity, it may not always be possible to respond immediately to every report or to acknowledge individual reports submitted by members on every occasion.  
4.4 Due to volume of correspondence, where complaints are raised about specific posts or PMs through other routes (for example through PMs to Admin or Moderators or emails to waccoeonline@gmail.com) rather than through use of the “Report” button, it is not possible to guarantee that they will be dealt with.
4.5 Abuse of the “Report” button to persistently report matters that in the view of moderators do not breach Posting Standards is not allowed, and may result in sanctions being imposed on an offending member (see 5.1).
4.6 By agreeing to these rules, members also agree to abide by decisions of the admin/moderating team (see also 2.12).
4.7 Members wishing to review or appeal a decision by the moderating or admin team may do so:
- in the first instance by contacting the relevant moderator by personal message or - where personal messaging has been disabled - by email to admin@waccoe.com marked in the email title "FAO [name of moderator/admin]: REVIEW"
- if they are not satisfied with the response, members may seek to appeal the decision to one of two administrators responsible for appeals - currently Matt52 or Norman6.  They should do so by personal message or - where personal messaging has been disabled - by email to admin@waccoe.com marked in the email title "FAO [name of admin]: APPEAL"
- where the decision being imposed was in the first instance made by one of the two nominated admin the appeal will be heard by the other.
- on consideration of the appeal, admin may decide to confirm or vary the decision, having regard to information provided by the user and the moderator/admin whose decision is being appealed.  The decision made by an administrator on appeal is final and cannot be appealed
5.1 Breaches of rules may be punishable by the following sanctions:

  • Warning
  • Mod preview
  • Withdrawal of PM facility
  • Withdrawal or limitation of posting rights
  • Suspension of account/banning from access to the site

5.2 Sanctions may be imposed for the following time periods

  • 2 days
  • 7 days
  • 30 days
  • 90 days
  • 180 days
  • Indefinitely

5.3 In imposing one or more sanctions, and deciding on their duration, Moderators and/or Admin will consider the poster’s history of warnings and the seriousness of the rules breach.  Repeated and persistent rules breaches will result in increased periods of withdrawal of posting rights and/or account suspension.  
5.4 Members receiving a sanction automatically receive between 1-3 “warning points”, dependent on the seriousness of the rule breach.  Any poster reaching 7 warning points in a twelve month period will receive an automatic account suspension of six months duration, regardless of the seriousness of the final rule breach.
5.5 Where posters persistently behave in a manner that breaches rules and/or threatens the effective management of waccoe.com, Admin may permanently suspend or ban a user’s account.
5.6 Waccoe.com supports efforts to kick racism out of football, and any offence of racism (see 2.5 above) will result in a suspension of posting rights for a minimum of 7 days for the first offence and more for subsequent offences.
5.7 Where a poster makes use of a new or existing account to get around an account suspension or ban, that suspension or ban will start afresh and the second account will be deleted.   Any poster allowing their account to be used by a banned/suspended member may themselves have their account suspended or deleted.
5.8 Moderators and/or Administrators may at their discretion apply other restrictions to members use of the forum, where in their view this is necessary to ensure the effective management of the forum, including but not limited to:

  • limiting or removing a member's ability to start new topics 
  • limiting or removing a member's access to some or all parts of waccoe.com
  • limiting the number of posts a member may may in any 24 hour period 
  • limiting or removing a member's access to Private Messaging   

6.1 Members are allowed one name change per calendar year where they have received no warning points in the preceding 12 month period, which may be requested in the Ask Admin sub-forum.
6.2 In addition to this, where a user name contains reference to a current player/manager/ coach, provided they have no warning points in the preceding 12 months, they may request a name change if/when that player/manager/ coach leaves the club.
6.3 Members may not operate more than one account/identity on Waccoe.com without the explicit approval of the administration/moderating team.  Where a member is found to be in breach of this provision, one or all accounts may be suspended or deleted. 

7.1 Arrangements for advertising on Waccoe.com are currently under review.  Any member wishing to advertise on Waccoe.com should contact the relevant member of Admin – mydadin72 (this includes placing links to or adverts for commercial services in your signature or profile).
7.2 One off sales for private items are free to Contributors who have made a payment to Waccoe.com in the last 12 months and £5 per item for other members.

8.1 Waccoe.com has a Privacy Policy, which sets out how we collect and protect your data. It is available here.
9.1 Waccoe.com is a not for profit website managed by Leeds fans on a voluntary basis.  Moderators and Administrators receive no payment for their work.  However, running a site of the size of Waccoe.com can and does incur significant costs.  In order to meet those costs we seek to collect advertising revenue (see 7.1 above) and contributions from members.
9.2 Where members have contributed more than £10 in the last 12 months, they are given the status of "contributors" and may from time to time be given benefits in terms of site functionality that are not available to other board members.  Details of these benefits will be publicised on the board where relevant.
9.3 Waccoe.com publishes annual accounts and is happy to make them available to members on request.
10.1 Waccoe.com accepts no responsibility for the contents of the message boards nor any other content on this site that is posted or provided by members or third parties and disclaims all liability for such content to the fullest extent permitted by law. 
10.2 Where material is subject to copyright owned by third parties and Waccoe.com is made aware of that fact, action to remove that material from the site will be taken on receipt of a request submitted to admin@waccoe.com. 
10.3 Where members threaten or initiate legal proceedings against the Board (or against others arising from material posted on the Board), whether directly or through implication, their membership of the board will be suspended until the conclusion of that legal action or the explicit confirmation of the withdrawal of that threat.  This is to ensure that any legal issues arising are not complicated or compounded by further posts or personal messages on this forum, either by them or others.
10.4 Whilst these rules try to cover all eventualities it is impossible to legislate in advance for all incidents and circumstances that arise.  Waccoe.com absolutely and without prejudice reserves the right of its Admin and Moderation team to make rulings, enforce actions, suspend or delete accounts, edit posts or take any other action required in order to maintain reasonable control of the forums and prevent breaches of common law or any other legislation which may pertain to any content published on Waccoe.

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